The Youngest Parents -

the youngest mothers fathers in world s history - chantelle steadman the young 15 year old mother on the contrary looks older you may give her 18 the young parents story has been widely covered in the uk and foreign press and the government announced that the youngest family in the world would be provided with all the necessary support, list of youngest birth mothers wikipedia - mother age of mother father country description may 14 1939 lina medina 5 years 7 months unknown peru lina medina from the ticrapo district of peru gave birth by cesarean section in lima at age 5 1 2 the infant was a 2 64 kg 5 8 lb 47 5 cm 18 7 in boy named gerardo, the youngest parents in the world youtube - in this video are some of the youngest parents around the world from accidental conceptions to intentionally getting pregnant these parents got their start early unfortunately some of the youngest parents in the world are just mothers who had babies as young as five years old, the 10 youngest birth mothers of all time therichest - lina s parents suspected that their daughter was suffering from a tumor in her stomach but doctors were instead shocked to discover that the young female was in her seventh month of pregnancy expectedly her parents were shocked but they later revealed that their daughter had strangely begun menstruating when she was only eight months old, the youngest parents in the world youtube - in this reaction time episode i reacted to very young children and teens who had kids of their own at an extremely young age some of their stories are sad while others are just due to true love or so they say, fact check the world s youngest mother 5 years old - the world s youngest mother 5 years old rumor the youngest mother on record was a five year old peruvian girl claim the youngest mother on record was a five year old peruvian girl, 23 year old becomes world s youngest grandmother parenting - although according to wikipedia the youngest grandmother was 17 year old mum zi of nigeria plus 16 early signs of pregnancy rifca eloped when she was 11 in fear of being forced into marriage by her father gave birth to daughter maria at age 12, britain s youngest parents are 12 year old girl who gave - britain s youngest mother tressa middleton became pregnant at 11 and gave birth aged 12 in edinburgh in 2006, 15 of the world s youngest grandparents therichest - tam gallacher is known as scotland s youngest grandparent taking on the title at the age of 27 but it was his step daughter sheryl who became a mom at 19 yes tam is only 8 years older than his step daughter he met his wife yvonne when she was 33 and he was 19 so through the marriage he became a part of the family, the youngest person to give birth was only 5 years old - today i found out that the youngest person to ever become pregnant and give birth was only 5 years old lina medina was born on september 27 th 1933 in ticrapo peru at age 5 her mother victoria brought her to a hospital because her stomach was increasing in size, britain s youngest parents 12 year old girl and boy aged - britain s youngest parents 12 year old girl and boy aged 13 have baby daughter together the mum was just ten years old when she met the dad and was still at primary school when she fell pregnant, britain s youngest mum back at school within six weeks of - the parents of the one year old baby have the lowest combined age of any british parents on record when she gave birth at 12 years and three months she was five months younger than britain s previous youngest mother tressa middleton, 11 year old boy is world s youngest father - an 11 year old boy from auckland new zealand has become the world s youngest father after having a child with the 36 year old mother of his school friend the schoolboy and the baby are now both