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pontiac sunfire gt we are trying to reset the theft system - we are trying to reset the theft system on my sons 99 sunfire he follwed the steps you posted for someone else turn key to on then try to start the engine then return to on and wait until the indicator light goes off then turn off wait 5 seconds and repeat these steps 2 more times on the fourth time the car still did not start, how to reset anti theft device on a 2005 pontiac sunfire - pontiac equipped the 2005 model year sunfire with two theft deterrent systems the vehicle theft deterrent vtd system and the contents theft deterrent ctd system the vtd system prevents the sunfire from being driven away by disabling the ignition or fuel delivery system reset the vtd system after the passlock sensor the body control module bcm or the powertrain control module pcm has been replaced, pontiac sunfire how do you reset an anti theft protection - i have a 2007 pontiac g6 that i accidentally initiated the anti theft system i do not have an owners manual how can i reset it i m stranded in a parking lot read more ivan, 2000 pontiac sunfire what is the correct theft system - at this point the anti theft light will come on the dash leave the key in the ignition where it is it will be in the run position for appx 10 min or untill the antitheft light stops blinking afterwards shut ignition off and take the key out of the ignition, how to reset anti theft system on 2000 pontiac sunfire fixya - trying to reset theft system on a 98 pontiac sunfire dut the light don t go out after 10 min what do i do by pass the anti theft videos on youtube showing how too, how do i reset my theft system on 1996 pontiac sunfire fixya - if the theft system light comes on while the engine is running a problem has been detected and the system may need service see your dealer for service in an emergency call the pontiac roadside assistance program at 1 800 roadside or 1 800 762 3743 this ans other details can find it in this link for 1996 pontiac sunfire owners manual, 1999 pontiac sunfire anti theft reset cargurus - theft system 1997 pontiac sunfire 4 answers i rebuilt an engine for a pontiac sunfire recently just put the engine back in by the way this is being built for a stock car, how do you reset the theft system o a 2000 pontiac sunfire - how do you reset the theft system o a 2000 pontiac sunfire gt what causes it or auto zone and purchase a haynes manual for 10 to 20 how do you disable the theft system 2000 pontiac sunfire, pontiac sunfire questions car won t start cargurus - car won t start replaced ignition lock on 2002 pontiac sunfire antitheft light is lite car will crank but not start, anti theft on pontiac sunfire causing car not to start - the pontiac sunfire is not that good of a car to own because it had too many problems when it came out in production well i think the anti theft system thinks you are trying to steel the car probably, anti theft system can i by pass the anti theft on my car - 1996 pontiac sunfire 4 cyl two wheel drive automatic miles we have a sunfire that the anti theft system keeps locking up and leaves me stranded is there a way to by pass the system this is our only vehicle and due to the fact that i am battling breast cancer and my hubby just had major back surgery we cant afford to put it into the shop, how to disable sunfire theft protection it still runs - anti theft systems protect vehicles from intruders entering and breaking in to your car false alarms may prevent you from turning on your own vehicle and you may want to disable your anti theft system to prevent these types of issues disabling the anti theft system in a sunfire can be done in a few steps, 2000 pontiac sunfire passlock causing problems 2carpros - need to reset the security light alarm in your car we are a team of ase certified mechanics that have created this guide for you to help save you money and get you back on 1996 pontiac sunfire passlock system, pontiac sunfire theft system car dealer forums - discuss pontiac sunfire theft system in the alt autos pontiac forum at car dealer forums theft system light on car was being driven then quit turns over but wont start car was being driven then quit turns over but wont start