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pets at the white house 50 years of presidents and their - in pets at the white house jennifer boswell pickens offers a delightful series of anecdotes and photographs of our nation s first pets creating an endearing volume that will appeal to animal lovers and presidential theorists alike, wackiest white house pets gibbs davis david a johnson - wackiest white house pets gibbs davis david a johnson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers meet some of the white house s wackiest residents in this parents choice gold award winning book animal lovers of all ages will laugh out loud at these comical anecdotes and hilarious illustrations in a side splitting look at american history, keckley elizabeth ca 1818 1907 behind the scenes or - behind the scenes or thirty years a slave and four years in the white house electronic edition elizabeth keckley ca 1818 1907, president carter the white house years by stuart e - read an excerpt chapter 1 the 1976 campaign james earl carter jr was born on october 1 1924 in plains georgia a town of some 550 people in the deeply segregated south and was raised there and in the nearby village of archery where he spent part of his childhood, pets reader s digest - only true dog lovers will be able to tell these dog breeds apart, divided government in the united states wikipedia - the 2000 election resulted in a 50 50 tie in the senate and the constitution gives tie breaking power to the vice president the vice president was democrat al gore from january 3 2001 until the inauguration of republican richard cheney on january 20, 14 photos of u s presidents before and after the white house - 14 photos of u s presidents before and after the white house if you have any tips on covering up gray hairs you might want to share em with these guys, list of presidents of the united states by age wikipedia - this is a list of presidents of the united states by age the first table charts the age of each united states president at the time of presidential inauguration first inauguration if elected to multiple and consecutive terms upon leaving office and at the time of death each president s lifespan age at death is measured in two ways to allow for the differing number of leap days that, polly want a what andrew jackson s pet parrot - before the sermon and while the crowd was gathering a wicked parrot that was a household pet got excited and commenced swearing so loud and long as to disturb the people and had to be carried from the house the rev norment goes on to report that the presidential parrot was excited by the multitude and let loose perfect gusts of cuss words, u s news latest national news videos photos abc - the rocket carrying hague and another astronaut failed less than two minutes after lift off for a mission to dock at the international space station, how was life 50 years ago milestone events 1968 - in 1968 the median age of first marriage was 20 for women and 23 for men back then close to 70 percent of american adults were married today only 51 percent are according to a pew research center study from 2011 the modern bride is 26 5 years old on average and the groom 28 7, history heirlooms old house gardens heirloom bulbs - the heirloom daffodil orchard at england s felley priory featured on the cover of gardens illustrated felley priory s daffodil orchard is the crowning glory of its renowned gardens and filled with nothing but heirlooms the priory has been in the chaworth musters family since 1822 but most of the daffodils were planted in the 1940s, interesting facts you never knew about each president on - from assassination attempts to sitcom cameos the life of an american president is never boring many of them had unique ways of unwinding like golfing on the white house lawn playing musical, why does president donald trump hate dogs - patton a goldendoodle was supposed to join the trump family in the white house instead they are one of the first presidential families in modern history to forgo the pet tradition, from fdr to jfk presidents took center stage at baseball - on a hot sticky july day in washington 81 years ago president franklin d roosevelt made his way to the tiny ballpark two miles northeast of the white house escaping a political storm of his own