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how to fly a spacecraft chronicles from concordia - on november 6th 1985 wubbo ockels safely landed with the challenger space shuttle at edwards air force base in california he spent over a week in space with seven other astronauts and preformed over 60 experiments mostly related to microgravity one of his crewmembers for the mission was the german astronaut ernst messerschmid, the right spin how to fly a broken space craft plus - in 1999 he engaged in a space walk as part of the mission to repair and upgrade the hubble space telescope michael foale currently holds the u s record for time spent in space having spent over a year of his life away from earth, how to fly a spacecraft usuaris tinet org - if the spacecraft s purpose is only to fly by the inner planet then there is probably no need to slow the spacecraft however if the spacecraft is to be inserted into orbit about that inner planet then there must be some way to slow the spacecraft, how to fly a spacecraft on line tutorial available - how to fly a spacecraft on line tutorial available the basics of space flight a popular longtime internet offering that teaches the essentials of operating interplanetary spacecraft missions has been updated and is now available courtesy of nasa s, space flight school space engine - space flight school preface this guide is not official and it may contain errors not only within the writing itself but also conceptual and even theoretical, space academy how to fly spacecraft step by step - in orbit takes children into space putting them in the hot seat on different kinds of spacecraft or at mission control they learn how to fly an apollo rocket to the moon take a space shuttle to the international space station go on a spacewalk and ferry a cargo of tourists into zero gravity, learn how to fly space a military town advisor - getting on the space a list you have many choices to register for space a travel in person remotely by fax postal mail or email steps to flying space a send your leave papers to air mobility command amc that you want to try to fly out of and into