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could a spacecraft fly to the sun live science - nasa is sending the solar probe plus spacecraft to within 4 million miles 6 million kilometers of the sun in 2018 and the agency is taking every precaution to keep the craft from melting, nasa spacecraft to fly through icy spray of saturn moon - an unmanned nasa spacecraft is about to make its deepest dive ever into the icy spray emanating from the underwater ocean on saturn s moon enceladus, new horizons beyond pluto - the new horizons spacecraft launched on january 19 2006 beginning its odyssey to pluto and the kuiper belt new horizons now continues on its unparalleled journey of exploration with the close flyby of a kuiper belt object called 2014 mu69 nicknamed ultima thule on january 1 2019, juno mission to jupiter nasa - juno will improve our understanding of the solar system s beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of jupiter, spacex to send privately crewed dragon spacecraft beyond - we are excited to announce that spacex has been approached to fly two private citizens on a trip around the moon late next year they have already paid a significant deposit to do a moon mission, messenger top 10 science results and technology innovations - top 10 science results and technology innovations after more than 10 years in operation the mercury surface space environment geochemistry and ranging messenger spacecraft impacted the surface of mercury on april 30 2015 at a speed of more than 3 91 kilometers per second 8 750 miles per hour marking the end of operations for the hugely successful mercury orbiter, comet 67p footage from rosetta spacecraft shows cliff - a new timelapse movie of photos taken by the rosetta spacecraft show comet 67p churyumov gerasimenko tumbling through space amid a flurry of dust and stars, chronology of space exploration solarviews com - mariner 10 usa mercury venus flyby 526 kg november 3 1973 march 24 1975 mariner 10 was the first dual planet mission it flew past venus on february 5 1974 for a gravity assist to the planet mercury mariner 10 was the first spacecraft to have an imaging system