Critique Of Pure Reason Unified Edition With All Variants From The 1781 And 1787 Editions Hackett Classics -

critique of pure reason the cambridge edition of the - this entirely new translation of critique of pure reason is the most accurate and informative english translation ever produced of this epochal philosophical text, critique of pure reason penguin classics immanuel kant - the masterpiece of the father of modern philosophy a seminal text of modern philosophy immanuel kant s critique of pure reason 1781 made history by bringing together two opposing schools of thought rationalism which grounds all our knowledge in reason and empiricism which traces all our knowledge to experience published here in a lucid reworking of max m ller s classic translation the, jean jacques rousseau wikipedia - jean jacques rousseau uk r u s o us r u s o french ak uso 28 june 1712 2 july 1778 was a genevan philosopher writer and composer born in geneva his political philosophy influenced the progress of the enlightenment throughout europe as well as aspects of the french revolution and the development of modern political and educational thought